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Our offices are in Connecticut - unlike some ".com" appraisal companies who contract out personnel for the field work and review your appraisal from out of state. Don't rely on your property's value being reviewed by someone on Long Island or in California who doesn't know Connecticut property values.

We KNOW Connecticut Neighborhoods

We offer a full line of real estate appraisal, residential appraisal, and commercial appraisal services. Our Appraisers are Degreed, Licensed/Certified, and experienced. We provide professional appraisals only. We don't waste your time trying to sell you other real estate services. "Exclusive to Hartford, Tolland, Windham Counties with limited coverage for Northern Middlesex and New Haven Counties."

Do National Appraisal Companies Know Your Connecticut Values?

We don't try to cover areas where we do not have full knowledge of neighborhood values. You should demand your appraisal be completed and reviewed by a local appraiser who knows the true value of your property, business, and home.

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  • All reports can be E-mailed with digital photography.
  • We provide commercial appraisals on CD.


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